Magazines, and their electronic extensions

Bicycling Magazine  AND in AOL, keyword " Bicycling"  lots of que sheets"

Tandem Magazine tandem bicycling information

Dirt Rag  bicycling information

Velonet   bicycling information

Bicyclist  Product reviews, articles, information

Special Interest

Smithsonian Institution  Bicycling Information

Cross Country Ride  A YP member, one of the Church's daughters, is doing a cross county bike trip this summer.  Eight teenagers (four boys and four girls) plus two adult leaders left Sharon, CT, June 26 for a nine week, 3,700 mile odyssey to Seattle.  Their web site includes pictures from along the way -- updated as they go.


The EuroVelo Project  European Bicycling

Aussie Junior Cyling News & Results   lists Austrailian cycling results


Smart Fuel  .... and we do get good gas milage on the bikes

Bike-alog    Bicycling Information

New England Biking Resource  Bicycling Information

Bicycling and Everything That Goes With It  Bicycling Information

WWW Bike Lane  Bicycling Information

Yahoo-Recreation:Sports:Cycling   Bicycling Information

SteveC's Links Page  A comprehensive list of bike sites, full text searchable, YP listed.

Cyberider Links Pages  Many links to various bike sites, full text searchable, YP listed

Bicyclopedia  Online bicycle reference under development

Burgwardt Bicycle Museum   Product reviews, mountain biking info

Cyberider Cycling  Bicycling Information

icycle Parts/Components  Bike manufacturers, traders, shops, magazines ..

The WWW Bike Repair Shop  Bicycling Information

BikeNet  lots of resources, in AOL, keyword " bicycle "

Mud Sluts  lots of stuff, for links click the Campbell's soup can under "Features"

Tamassee.Com   Books & maps for hiking, biking, kyaking Products, info, product reviews

Pete & Ed Books  Over 500 cycling books, maps, & videos for sale

Bicycle Parts/Components  Bike manufacturers, traders, shops, magazines ...

Bicycling Related Links  Bicycle Manufacturers, Online Publication,s Related Organizations ...

Nerd World: Bicycling Bicycling Information

Bicycle Transit Authority  first page loads slowly

Adventure Cycling Association  buying guides for singels & tandems, routes, maps, etc.

Wooden Bike Sites -- copied from LAB
For a frame material that you don't spend a lot of time talking about at the local bike shop. Enjoy.

Smithsonian Photo of a 1897 Old Hickory
Tilmann Waldthaler's wood bike
Giuseppe Matera's wood bikes
The Amazing Wooden Bike Company
Historical, including wood, bikes
Tino Sana's art wood bikes
The Xbike: order plans for a composite monocoque cruiser
Article in Bicyclopedia(TM) on the use of wood in bike frames.