Fit from Measure

The chart and information below may not work for every type of bike and everyone, however, it should "get you in the right ball park. For new or recent vintage Santanas, it should be very close to the mark.

InseamYour Size. To find which size best fits you, measure your actual inseam (leg length, not trouser size) from crotch to floor, without shoes. To measure accurately, pull a large book up between your legs as high as it will go (until your heels leave the floor!). If you have a English tape measure, multiply by 2.54 to convert to centimeters.

What Size is Best? Because riding a tandem is different than riding a single, a properly sized tandem will not necessarily duplicate the dimensions of your single bike. The table below should assist you in getting a tandem which is both comfortable and efficient. Custom sizes are available from some manufacturers, such as Santana.

Refer to the Captains and Stokers sections below the chart for more size information.

Sizing Chart


Because captains support the stoker while starting and stopping, captains must be able to straddle the top tube with a stance wide enough to clear rotating pedals. In reading the sizing chart, you may find your inseam is compatible with two sizes. Generally, your best choice is whichever size bar your inseam falls most closely to the center of. However, if your leg length is not proportional to your height or you enjoy a long or short top tube you may opt for the other size. In any case, never choose a size outside the bar ranges on our chart.
Stokers Because stokers never have to put a foot down at stops (safe take offs and landings are the responsibility of the captain), stand-over height is not as important. Therefore even cyclists under five feet tall will fit comfortably on the back of many tandems. Also, because most stokers quickly learn the easiest way to mount a tandem is to step on a pedal and swing a leg over the back (while the captain straddles and holds up the bike), the only limitation on sizing (as long as there is an adjustable stoker stem), is how high or low the seat can be adjusted. The stoker's sizing chart gives two ranges - a wider range for standard seat posts and a slightly more restricted range when using a shock absorbing seat post.